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Solving life's special needs.

Solutions for families and corporations dealing with autism, ADHD, and similar social challenges at all ages.

STEM - Technology & Transition

STEM - Technology & Transition
The "Tech Tools" program is deisgned to address the lack of supports available to teens and young adults as they age out of the school system and desire to transcend to increased independence. Recognizing the need for STEM in our community, Social Motion is taking a leading position in bringing training in these skill sets to our students on the autism spectrum. For students enrolled in the T3-Transition program, "Tech Tools" provides an integral part of the transition plan. Participants cannot ignore the need to understand, and use technology in today's working world. From email to Excel, from design to production, the ability to communicate and collaborate with technology is crucial to connect with employers and co-workers. Students are provided access to technology to build their resume, fill in skill gaps and explore unknown abilities and interests which provide them a leg up to further education or employment. Technology proficiency helps diminish under-employment and increases access to meaningful work and wages. What's on your resume? Let's make it happen. 
  • Resume Building 
  • Typing Skills 
  • Microsoft Office Efficency  
  •  Email Etiquette 
  • And Much More 
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This program was made possible by a generous donation from The Texas Bar Foundation.