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Solving life's special needs.

Solutions for families and corporations dealing with autism, ADHD, and similar social challenges at all ages.

Now You Are 18

Now You Are 18

Training for Youth with Autism and Similar Disabilities:
Now You Are 18 – Realizing Your Legal Rights and Responsibilities - Ready or Not!
Made possible by a grant from the Texas Bar Foundation

This program, based on the original Now You Are 18 project of the Texas Lawyer's Auxiliary, is designed to provide a series of informative presentations, a facilitator’s guide and online resources to assist families raising children with disabilities realize, and prepare for the rights and responsibilities that confer on the 18th birthday - ready or not! We hope you find the below information helpful in discussions with your family and specialists in your community. No legal advice is given, but rather, information to encourage consideration and investigation of solutions appropriate for your family's unique situation.

The information presented is believed to be accurate as of November 2015 however, laws and regulations constantly change and families should seek legal advice from a licensed attorney who can provide specific information according to their individual situation. Information is based on Texas law and is presented to inform and not to advise. 

Social Motion Skills provides links to other websites and provides documents for your review and to help educate you on a variety of issues that you might face.  The links and other documents contained on this website or otherwise provided by Social Motion Skills are for your general information only and should not be considered as an endorsement of or a referral to any individual, company or service provider.  You are free to contact the individual, company or service provider mentioned in these documents or any other individual, company or service provider of your choosing.

Week 1 - Introduction and Overview

Introduction and overview of the rights and responsibilities that confer at 18 (voting, jury duty, selective service, ID’s and driving, dealing with authority, SSA and marriage).

Resource : AmericanJuror.org

Week 2 - Legal Charges

The Legal System: Defining legal charges and differences before and after the 18th birthday. Avoiding guilt by association for a vulnerable population.

Week 3 - Contracts

Contracts: Leases, financial contracts defined and examples, cons and scams to avoid.

Week 4 - Communication and Reputation

Communication, Reputation, Repercussion: Cyber safety, dangers of on line communication and illegal activity.

Week 4 form - Scam Emails

Week 5 - Employment

Employment: To disclose or not disclose: Working within employment laws, understanding your rights and ADAAA.

Week 6 - Public Places and Expected Behavior

Public Places and Expected Behavior: Socially appropriate behavior, public dencency, tenant/ landlord responsibilities, and handling disagreements to avoid trouble with the authorities. 



Special Needs Trusts / Estate Planning

SSA / SSI Benefits

Budgeting and Finance

Facilitator Guide

Original Now You Are 18 Booklet - a project of Texas Lawyers Auxiliary made possible by a grant from the Texas Bar Foundation