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Solving life's special needs.

Solutions for families and corporations dealing with autism, ADHD, and similar social challenges at all ages.

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'I’ve spent 30 years on the telly trying my best to act normal'

Many individuals hide in fear of their Aspergers or Autism diagnosis for many different reasons, either they do not want to be judged or scared of how others will treat them. Public figure, Chris Packham, goes in depth as to why he hid his diagnosis from others in the television business and explains why he is opening up now. READ this article and gain insight on how he is changing the face of television.  

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To Really Assist Our Kids, We Have to Stop Being Their Personal Assistants

Part of parenting is transferring competencies. Learned helplessness is truly debilitating. Read on for an entertaining and oh-so-true example!

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Even teachers now say that academics are not the key to kids’ success

We have all heard the saying, "Get a good education and you will get a good job", but a good education is not always enough. This week we are looking at life skills and this article examines why life skills are important for students to learn while in school. READ and see the benefits of learning life skills earlier in life. 

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Adults with autism will get a new housing community in Phoenix

Every year more and more people are being diagnosed with Autism, because of this more programs are becoming available to those with disabilities. With these programs they are able to live more independantly and become fufilled individuals. The ability to live alone is something that everyone strives to be able to do or experience at one point in their lives. For those with Autism and similar disabilities this milestone may be harder to achieve, but society is striving to make this a posibility. Community housing is making new waves in different cities across the states and a city in Arizona is working around to open a new housing center for those with disabilities. READ this article to see how this center is not only working to provide housing, but also a transition program for more independance! 



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8 Ways to Gain Respect

When you hear the word respect what comes to mind? Many people have a different definition of what respect really is, but for the most part people can agree that respect is when another person understands your opinions and thoughts, even if they do not agree with them. Respect is something that we as humans are always talking about and wanting from our peers, we strive for respect at work, home, and school, but how do we get respect? Can respect be earned? Or is respect something you just give someone, no matter what? READ this article to gain insight on how you can gain repsect from others and how respect makes for a happier life. 

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