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Solving life's special needs.

Solutions for families and corporations dealing with autism, ADHD, and similar social challenges at all ages.

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Social Motion is doing our part - Transition, Driving, Young Adult Social Groups and Cooking!

READ this interesting article that investigates the breakthroughs and gaps in autism. Social Motion is doing our part by providing services for all ages. From transition to driving to young adult social groups to cooking, we have you in mind! 
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The Hidden Disabilities: That Are Present in Aspergers Syndrome: The Need For Increased Awareness

READ on the different hidden disabilities that are present in children and adults diagnosed with Aspergers. Gain a better understanding of their challenges and how awareness is key in helping these individuals not feel handicapped. 

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Work in progress: An inside look at autism’s job boom

Corporations are taking the right steps forward in hiring individuals with autism, but keeping work is still a struggle for those on the spectrum. 

READ More on how these corporations are trying to help individuals on the spectrum. 

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Time and Place Appropriateness — The Big Awkward!

The importance of paying attention to the environment is obvious to most of us.  It applies in school, work, while driving, etc.  However, it is not as apparent to those with intellectual difficulties.  Whether you have a child with these difficulties or not, it wouldn’t hurt to review the principles.

What’s the pulse? Don’t ignore it.  What’s going on? Good day?  Bad day?  Good news or bad news? Serious tone discussion or jovial tones? What is the occasion? Gathering or funeral?

As previously said, those with autism and similar social-cognitive disorders are generally poor self-inherent observers, meaning they don’t realize what they do irritates others.  Being inappropriate in situations is common.  Much has been publicized about social thinking, but putting the application in real context remains elusive. Recognizing the implications of a situation goes a long way toward fitting in.  Recall those interrupters, chatty catties and office “plops.”

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In this article Ethan Hirschberg, a teen with Autism talks about how his parents told him he had Autism. 

READ to learn how his parents decided to tell him he had Autism, what Autism meant to him, and how he dealt with this news. 

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