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Solving life's special needs.

Solutions for families and corporations dealing with autism, ADHD, and similar social challenges at all ages.

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SKILLS FOR LIFE Transition House fills special education need

Strives are being made constatnly to provide programs where indivduals with autism and other special needs can learn the life skills they need to live more independently. Our transition program, T3 provides job and readiness skills to those on the spectrum and now a a high school in Virginia is providing a transition program for their graduates. Students with disabilities are able to stay at the school after graduating and learn life and job skills. READ this interesting article to see how this school is making a difference! 

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How Parents & Students Can Combat Internet Addiction & Isolation

Young children and teenagers are being raised during a period of time where the internet is everywhere. Everything we now do involves technology and the internet and there are times where it is very hard to disconnect from the internet and social media. We are also in a dy and age where many young students are resistant to disconnect and this can cause problems in their future. This articles highlights the dangers of internet and social media addiction and how it is more isolating than helpful. READ and understand how internet addiction can affect our mental health and what we can do to help this younger generation that is attatched to the internet.  

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Social Skills or EI - being related to a 75% success factor can’t be discounted!

Can emotional intelligence be taught? This is the question that is examined in this in depth article. READ this article to understand if emotional interlligence can be adapted throughout life or if it something you must be born with. 

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When to Discuss Your Disability With a Potential Employer

When is the right time to discuss you disability with a new employer? This can be a nerve racking discussion to have with a potential employer and there are many different paths one can take when explaining their disabilities to a new employer. This article goes in depth in showing the different ways you can disclose your disability, while also highlighting the benefits and drawbacks of each method. READ to see the different methods explained and understand the benefits and drawbacks of each one. 

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Why your business should employ individuals with autism

Have you ever wondered why you should hire individuals with autism? This article goes in depth and analyzes why companies should hire individuals with autism. READ and understand the benefits any company could gain by employing an individual on the autism spectrum. 

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