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Parent Training & Support

Even parents need support! Social Motion gets it and wants to be your long term strategic partner to help your child succeed along their journey of discovery.

With our experience and team of experts we can help with the toughest of challenges from: 

  • Feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what resources to seek and how to proceed getting services for my child?
  • Needing knowledge and parent training?
  • Needing information on how to best manage specific behaviors at home and encourage skill transition between home and school?
  • Creating a system that would help the day to day struggles before or after school?
  • Needing an advocate to help explain and guide me through the ARD process?

By appointment only. Call Brandi Timmons at 713-461-7200.

We can explain the procedure, the jargon,  and help you make sure your IEP and ARD goals are met.  Our…
Not only do you need a tutor, but a tutor that understands your child’s learning differences. Contact Social Motion Skills…