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Independent Living Academy

Building independence is a process. In this 5 day a week comprehensive program that may serve as a bridge between the end of school and starting the next phase of life, students will receive assessments and training to prepare them for employment and a more independent life.

The Independent Learning Academy program combines vocational assessments and training through a hands-on learning experience in the TEC center with social skills, personal management skills, and activities of daily living. This program is ideal for students ages 17+ seeking to increase personal responsibility and their ability to lead an independent life either at home or away. The program meets 5 days a week from 9:00 am - 2:00 pm, for 17 weeks (Spring and Fall Semesters)

Assessment and vocational training will occur in the following 5 areas:
Construction/ Industrial
Consumer Service
Business/ Marketing

Social skills training is embedded in the day and workplace social skills are covered in the WorkSmarts sessions. Resume building and basic financial literacy is covered.

Activities of daily living include:

Learning the basics of how to manage a household (cleaning, laundry, light maintenance procedures, household problem solving).

The Independent Learning Academy will also provide a health and wellness curriculum and explore various light exercise activities in order to encourage a lifelong healthy lifestyle.

The program may include guest speakers and field trips to enhance the learning experience and lesson retention.