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Driver’s Ed at Your Speed

In collaboration with SafeWay Driving, this program provides special education support for a comprehensive driver’s education program for those with autism, ADD, learning and processing differences. Our curriculum, set at just the right speed for teens with learning differences, opens the door to greater independence by mastering a new skill set.

Summers only

This course is offered in summer only. Please click here more details.

“Driver’s Ed at Your Speed made all the difference for our son. Now our 16 year old son can gain another step toward independence and it’s because of the time and patience of the program. He is prepared.”

“I am so grateful for the Driver’s Ed course that Social Motion Skills offers to kids who need that ‘something extra.’ As a parent, I am thankful for an environment that allows my teenager to experience what is for most people a rite of passage, in a way that enabled him to reach a goal at his own pace with a supportive staff.”

DEYS Intake

Thank you for your interest in our Young Adult programs. We interview everyone interested in our programs to get to know you and help you decide what programs are a good fit for you. Parents and/or caregivers are encouraged to attend the intake interviews as well.
Intake fee: $30 for 30 minute interview