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Independence Mapping

Strategic Life Planning

Independence is a process...a thoughtful consideration of how to prepare your child to cope with life and how to transfer the knowledge and skills it takes to put independent living into practice. Are you an aging parent wondering who will assist your adult child with special needs when you are no longer able? Can your adult child live “mostly” on their own, but needs daily, weekly, or monthly “check-ins” to ensure success? Can your adult child achieve more? We’re here to help!

Putting independence into practice

Plan the path to the future you want. Click here for more information.

“My coach has helped me gain new skills that I need to be independent. I feel more confident now making my own decisions and keeping my life organized.”

Independence Mapping Intake

Thank you for your interest in our Independence Mapping program. We interview everyone interested in our programs to get to know you and help you decide what programs are a good fit for you. Parents and/or caregivers are encouraged to attend the intake interviews as well.
Intake fee: $30 for 30 minute interview