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Pre-K and Kinder
Ready to work on social foundations like taking turns, accepting no, waiting, sharing, and following simple directions? Early intervention is crucial for future success
1st and 2nd grade
Skills for academic and group activities. Focus on recognizing and expressing emotions.
Lower Elementary
3rd-5th grades
Let’s make and keep friends. Skills for academic and group activities. Relationship building – appropriate group and public behavior skills.
Upper Elementary
6th grade
Transition to middle school. Bullying prevention – being appropriately assertive – making good impressions. Continue working on basic school and group interaction skills. Decoding the hidden rules.
7th-8th Grades
The middle school years are socially tough for everybody, but especially for those with learning or social differences. Our tweens classes help bring it all into perspective by focusing on fitting in, making meaningful relationships, and taking responsibility.
9th-12th Grades
The teens classes take social skills to the next level by introducing skills that prepare for transition and independence.
Transition and Employment Center (TEC)
This hands on assessment and training center provides data and skills to prepare for employment and independent futures.

Students explore what job skills they are good at and like, and learn behaviors necessary for further successful transition!

Transition, Training and Taxpaying (T3)
Let’s get to work! Transition opportunities and support for the next phase of life!
Aspire Accessories
A studio workshop that enables young adults with autism and similar special needs to learn transferable job skills as well as earn a fair wage.
Aspire Accessories
Young Adults
Make and strengthen age-appropriate friendships at the young adult level. Why sit around and do nothing when you could take advantage of having friends to socialize with in the city?
Young Adults
Driver's Ed at Your Speed
Driver’s Ed set at exactly the right speed for those with autism and similar special needs who just need a little extra support to master this new skillset.
Driver’s Ed