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Teen Social Skills

9th-12th Grades

Even though teens think they know everything, we continue to teach them new skills! Teen social skills provide continuing guidance on how to integrate in the class setting and how to find commonality with peers using appropriate conversation techniques. We further our self-management capabilities to manage anger and anxiety and handle criticism and rejection, teasing, and bullying. We lighten it up by learning how to use humor and making sure social posts are always appropriate. We delve into personal responsibility, from hygiene to thinking about transitioning to independence.

Teen Social Skills - curriculum based social skills class

Classes are curriculum-based, staffed by 1 teacher and 1 assistant and last 75 minutes. Maximum class size is 6 students. Students practice their skills during monthly community outings.

Teen Foundations - for those who need more structured learning

For Teens who need a little more structured support, processing and thought time, we offer Teen Foundations. The class has the flexibility to delve into topics in greater depth to ensure content mastery before moving on. The class is 75 minutes with a max of 8 students. Foundations focuses on cementing social skills essentials around conversation, peer interaction, social appropriateness and taking personal responsibility for actions.

Parent Training – all the info you need!

Multiple parent training sessions will be offered virtually. These trainings are intended to provide you with the knowledge and skills to be your child’s social coach 24/7. Free to parents of enrolled students.

“It gives us a sigh of relief to know there is someone out there such as your organization who really cares and is willing to take time to teach {my child} critical social skills in which he is going to need to prepare him for work, college and beyond.”