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About Us

A personal note from Wendy Dawson, Founder of Social Motion, Inc.

My stepson, Cameron, was diagnosed with PDD-NOS at the age of two. After he came into my life at age four, his Dad and I spent the next decade scouting the Houston area for social skills classes geared toward children on the spectrum and similar special needs. A program that offered 100% social skills concentration... a stable and sustainable program that would grow with him, offering precursory training for the situations he would face and the future he dreamed of. Nothing clinical, nothing temporary. Just pure social skills training focused on personal development, judgement, decision making and the opportunity to practice those skills in a safe environment with peers.

We never found it, so in early 2010, we founded the nonprofit Social Motion Inc. To expand our program's reach, Social Motion Inc. merged with The Center for Pursuit in 2022. Now a program of The Center for Pursuit, we expanded our social skills classes to the greater Houston area to serve more children and their families. It is my sincere hope that what was once missing in our son’s own life is now found for you and your child too.

Cameron drives, has graduated from college and is working while pursuing his dreams of working in a church environment and living independently.

I am grateful for these wonderful children, these opportunities and to have met so many wonderful families along our journey.


Wendy Dawson

Social Motion Skills