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Lower Elementary

1st and 2nd Grade

Lower Elementary classes provide age-appropriate social foundations like taking turns, impulse control, accepting no, group play, sharing, following class directions, and understanding personal space awareness. Importance is put on reading and managing emotions, thinking about how others think, and learning skills to interact in a group and develop friendships. This group will help little ones get a great start to what peers expect in a classmate and friend!

After school social skills – never too early!

Classes are curriculum-based, staffed by 1 teacher and 1 assistant and last 75 minutes. Maximum class size is 6 students. Students practice their skills in monthly community outings.

Wednesdays 4:30-5:45

Parent Training – all the info you need!

Monthly parent training sessions will be offered on site. These trainings are intended to provide you with the knowledge and skills to be your child’s social coach 24/7. Free to parents of enrolled students.

Parent Coaching Videos - Be your child’s social coach!

Ever wonder what your child learns in class? Each week’s lesson will have a correlated 2-5 minute video that explains what skill was taught, what scripts and vocabulary were introduced and how you can continue coaching and support on a daily basis. The videos are available in a private parent section of the website. Free to parents of enrolled students.

“Social Motion is a fun and challenging way to practice social skills in a safe environment with peers. Perhaps most importantly, he loves his social group and looks forward to going!”

“{Our son} took it upon himself to wait patiently, ask nicely for his turn AND he even offered up his own coin to one of the young students so they could have a turn. I could have cried!! It was such a big moment for him and we made sure to tell him how wonderful that moment was. Thanks so much for all you are teaching him! Y’all are doing a terrific job!”

Let's meet!

Hello and thank you for your interest in Social Motion's children’s services! We personally interview all interested students to ensure our program is a good fit for your family. Parents/caregivers must attend the interview with their child. Please click the link below to schedule your intake.
Intake fee: $30 for 30 minute interview