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Tween Social Skills

7th-8th Grades

The middle school years are socially tough for everybody, but especially for those with learning or social differences. This is the time self-consciousness reaches full-tilt levels, emotions run high, and relationships are tested daily. Our tween social skills classes help bring it all into perspective with plenty of reinforcement around a strong sense of self and personal awareness. We demystify the how’s and why’s of fitting in (including social media) making sure we know how to cope with rejection, embarrassment, making mistakes and being appropriately assertive to stick up for ourselves.

After school social skills - Focus on making and keeping friends

Classes are curriculum-based, staffed by 1 teacher and 1 assistant and last 75 minutes. Maximum class size is 6 students. Students practice their skills during monthly community outings.

Need something more? Tween Foundations

For Tweens who need a little more support, processing and thought time, we offer TWEEN Foundations. Topics are covered in greater depth to ensure content mastery before moving on. The class is one hour with a max of 6 students. Foundations focuses on Tween essentials around conversation skills, peer interaction, group participation and self-regulation.

“My daughter is loving Social Motion. I recommend you guys ALL THE TIME. She is getting in much less trouble at school this year too. I appreciate all that you guys do!”

“Social Motion is one of the best in social skills training. My son attends a class and it has been amazing for him.”