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Lorraine Klim, M. Ed.

Lorraine is a career educator, administrator and autism specialist who brings a highly accomplished knowledge base in these specialty fields to Social Motion. 

Lorraine Klim has spent the last 15 years supporting children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder through direct teaching, educational and behavioral support as well as training parents, caregivers and educators who support them. Lorraine found her way to education as a second career having spent 16 years as a Property Manager in commercial real estate. As a native Houstonian, she has lived in many parts of the city but chose to settle and down and raise her family in the Spring Branch area where her 3 daughters attended public school and then each graduated from a Texas university. Her introduction to Autism was through the Spring Branch ISD where she became a teacher, following a return to higher education for the credentials. Her passion and skills became strong through the years of classroom experience and she followed a path into Special Education leadership as the Manager of Autism Services in the Houston Independent School District after receiving a Master’s in Education Administration from Texas A&M University. When hired, her supervisor gave her the task to “make services for students with Autism in HISD the best they can be!”. Over the course of the next 7.5 years, she developed a team of strong women and through her leadership, they created innovative ways to educate and support the needs of students with Autism from 3 to 23 years of age. Lorraine’s vision included the development of a new inclusion model-TREK-for students who have the cognitive abilities to meet their educational requirements, but the effects of the disability create barriers. Additionally, the Autism Team developed a new model for training and supporting the teachers and staff in the classrooms through extensive professional development and coaching; the district is in year 3 of that 5-year plan. However large the city of Houston is, the community of Autism is a close knit one and Lorraine became an integral part of this circle through her work with Special Olympics Texas, Community Resource Coordination Group, The Lion King Autism Project (Hobby Foundation), HIPPY, Legacy Parent Support Group, Social Motion, as well as church groups and summer programs. Lorraine’s work has taken her in many directions, but a major component has been training. She has trained the HISD Police Dept, Principals, parents, staff, upper management, and even student peer groups. Lorraine’s personal goal and mission has always been to increase the awareness of Autism and its affect on lives and outcomes for students and their families. She will continue her work as she moves into her new position as Assistant Project Manager of Special Education at the Region 4 Education Service Center.