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Elementary Social Skills: 

“Social Motion is a fun and challenging way to practice social skills in a safe environment with peers. The curriculum is engaging and relevant for my fifth grade son. My son’s teachers at school are happy to reinforce concepts introduced in Social Motion, so we have a unified approach to his social skills instruction. Perhaps most importantly, he loves his social group and looks forward to going!” 

Tween Social Skills: 

“My son, who was diagnosed with ADHD and Asperger’s, has attended Social Motion for two years now and the progress he has made has been tremendous. The development of his social skills was key in his interactions with classmates which was a much needed confidence booster going into middle school. It was also helpful in how he learned to handle negative social interactions such as embarrassing feedback and bullying.” 

Teen Social Skills: 

“Social Motion has been a great resource and experience for both my son and my family and we are looking forward to the PEERS class next year. Social Motion has helped my son understand the difference between appropriate and inappropriate social behaviors of him and others while also helping him with coping and social strategies. This has helped tremendously with his self-confidence in making friends and interacting with peer groups. It has also helped him properly address and advocate for himself in a situation that involved physical bullying, all the way through the process from incident to after strategies that help avoid further contact.” 


"We loved the PEERS program for our daughter. She grew up lacking social communication skills and would avoid talking to others at all costs. In all the therapies that we have tried for her,the PEERS program was the only one that gave her confidence to talk to others by providing a step-by-step process in developing her conversational language. We saw her gain confidence in talking to others as the program progressed and we would strongly recommend it to others who need to develop their social skills".

Young Adults Social Group: 

“There are a lot of young adults who don't have the option to spend time with anyone other than their family and friends. I used to be one of these young adults. As I was growing up, I never had anyone else other than family to be around because I felt safe and secure around them all the time. I was very shy and never had any friends to hang out with because I never wanted to leave my house. Social Motion was the key to success for me in many ways. Social Motion has given me the chance to show everybody how independent I can be. With the help of Social Motion, I am now more interested in being with more people other than family and friends. I have gained many friends that I enjoy spending as much time as I can with. I owe a lot to Social Motion because without them I would never have become what I am today.”