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We have exciting news to share!


“A Center of Excellence”


In an effort to ensure sustainability and expansion of services over the next decade, Social Motion (SOMO) and The Center For Pursuit (TCFP)* are pleased to announce a strategic alliance to bring expanded autism and life span services for those with neurodiversity and intellectual and developmental disabilities to the Houston community. Each company will remain focused on serving their core clients while the alliance will allow expanded services to be provided to a broader range of clients. We will work to bring together the best of both organizations. SOMO will continue to focus on social skills, employment readiness and job placement. The collaboration will now allow us to include opportunities for independent living skills and residential services. With TCFP, we will be working to build new programs and new locations with the ultimate goal to be a “one stop shop” service provider for our families.

What does this mean for SOMO?

Our name will not change. Our programs will not change. Your classes will not change. Your teachers will not change.

The biggest change you will notice immediately is in expanded services for our transition and employment programs. We will be able to access Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) funding and a larger pool of potential employers. This alliance will also allow SOMO to seek community expansion sites to serve more clients in communities that need our services.

This alliance is a natural, synergistic fit between partners who want to create a “Center of Excellence” in Houston to support those with neurodiversity and developmental disabilities. As part of the collaboration, Denise Hazen’s Aspire Accessories workshop will move to TCFP’s new Harrisburg facility to provide a modern and expanded workshop for the Aspire artisans.

What this alliance brings to you!

PARENTS / CLIENTS – Lifepath of programs through one provider. Increased access to wrap-around services and funding to support individuals’ path through transition, employment and independence.

PROGRAM SUPPORTERS (volunteers/individual donors/community partners) –-Increased impact of collaboration between two high quality providers. Support is well placed in community leadership bringing first-class programs to the community.

COMMUNITY AT LARGE – Excitement about a bigger/ better/ stronger together – community will have a vibrant best in class program that continues to grow and improve through new service offerings, collaborations, and increased visibility.

For more info please email Wendy Dawson at or Denise Hazen at We are excited about the opportunity to better serve you through this collaboration! Stay tuned for more exciting news as we go and grow!

Click here to read the full press release pertaining to this strategic alliance.