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Aspire Accessories, a program of Social Motion Skills, Inc. is a work transition program for adults with autism and similar special needs. We provide a solution to what is known as the “services cliff” for this population of individuals once they age out of supported, school-based environments. Our goal is for each artisan to obtain increased independence in a workplace setting and to sustain performance, thus enhancing the likelihood of gaining further meaningful employment. We empower each artisan to take responsibility for their work, realize their potential, and increase their self-awareness and confidence.

Become an Artisan

Want to become an Aspire Artisan? Schedule an interview with Stacy Anderson, Transition Director.

Shop Aspire

100% of sale proceeds are utilised to sustain our program, ensuring we have talented teachers and can continue to pay our artisans a fair wage. Visit our online store to read our story, learn more about the program and shop our products.

Aspire Create – join the fun!

To provide a solution that enables and empowers those with autism and similar special needs, to CREATE a future where they are part of a community, contributing to society, and earning an income, we package and sell a collection of accessory-making kits designed by Aspire. Each Aspire CREATE kit comes with the tools and components required to create one or more of Aspire’s most popular products, along with access to step-by-step instructional videos and guides. Once created, the products can be sold by you or your organization at a price and location of your choosing. For more information contact Sarah Durbridge at

“I will never forget the opportunity you given me through Aspire and the skills I have learned. I will be able to use these skills for the rest of my life. Thank you for teaching, guiding, and believing in what I can do.”

“[Our son] has confidence that he has never had and has matured into a very independent person. Denise, I give you and your wonderful staff at Aspire credit for setting him up for success. Thank you and Aspire for literally turning [our son’s] life around!”