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Description – Program Volunteer

Organization: Social Motion, Inc – Aspire Accessories Program
Title: Volunteer Instructor
Accountability: Program Coordinator


  • Provide one-on-one and/or group support to Artisans as they complete their assigned job/s
  • Utilize assisted devices and feedback to senior instructor if additional support or modifications are required
  • Monitor Artisans at lunch time with social skills (manners)
  • Encourage conversation amongst peers
  • Provide a topic of conversation that may interest the group: movies, shows, games, Disney
  • Supervise kitchen clean-up after lunch, and workshop clean up at the end of each work day
  • Ensure job checklists are completed
  • Monitor workplace discussion
  • Ensure suitable topics are being discussed and language is appropriate for the workplace
  • Monitor behavior in the workshop so that each artisan stays on task and ensure that individual behavior charts are being followed, where applicable
  • Assist Aspire staff with workshop set up each day


  • Aid artisans with tasks but refrain from completing the task/s for them
  • Allow the artisans time to process and respond to directions
  • Ask for help from another instructor if/when there is a behavior that makes you uncomfortable, causes concern or raises questions
  • Engage in conversation with the artisans: feel free to ask them about their weekend, evening, behavior charts, favorite things etc.
  • Casual dress is permitted in the workshop e.g. jeans and blouse but excessive jewelry and hairstyles may raise questions or provide distraction for the artisans, so is not advised
  • Artisans are required to put their phones away at 09:00am. Volunteers should not use their phones while working with artisans
  • Artisans either bring a packed lunch or order from the local BBQ restaurant, Aunt Pookies. Volunteers should do the same, remaining on site to eat their lunch with the artisans.
  • Review the Artisans Policy Pack and Code of Conduct
  • Hours are not dictated; however, it helps for volunteers to commit to a regular schedule so that we can plan effectively.

Artisan Work Day Schedule

9:00 am – Arrive, clock-in and begin work
10:30 am- Short walk around building then 15 min break
11:50 am – Order lunch from Aunt Pookies
12:00pm - Clock out for lunch and game time
1:00pm – Clock back in, begin work
2:45pm- Clean up designated area
3:00pm- Clock out and depart

If you are interested in volunteering with Aspire please contact Sarah Durbridge at